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It's easy to advertise to Kriptom. All you need to do is pick the place for your settlement you want and reach out to us.

Kriptom is a completely user-focused sharing platform that operates in Turkey and shares up-to- date news about crypto currencies. Features that distinguish Kriptom from similar ones are, it offers powerful tools and having different platforms together. It has earned the respect of money lovers with the most up-to- date news, user analysis, instant national and local markets, active forum section and many more services,

We succeeded in realizing almost all of the suggestions we received from our users quickly. Again with the sharings offered for the first time in Turkey, the rise of Kriptom, a BTC-winning platform, is increasing every day. Reach the right target group by advertising to Kriptom and watch the feedbacks.

Advertisement types

Kriptom has an understanding away from any factor which is unnecessary, eye-tiring and reduces the user experience. By optimally analyzing users and advertisers, we identify appropriate ad placements. We have 4 different types of ad impressions on our site. Let's briefly summarize these below.

Leaderboard Advertisement (728x90)

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Kriptom's best advertising space. Advertisements in this area are available for 30 days and shown on all pages. It has a much higher return than the bottom ads as it will take place at the top of the Site. Besides, it is also the preferred advertising space to build brand awareness. It is only 728x90 in size.

Splash Advertisement (640x480)

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Splash ads are a type of ad that is displayed on the screen which is first seen by users entering the site. This ad shows itself once a day to users. The maximum duration of the advertisement is 15 days. It is only 640x480 in size.

News Content Ad (300x250)

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The daily news on Kriptom are immediately effective and the visitor is easily attracted to the site. The news is shown on the right side of the detail section and in all news. The size can be 300x250 or 300x600.

Sponsored Articles

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Kriptom is fed by original articles or by articles translated into Turkish sent by users. A new article is published in Kriptom almost every hour. Articles receive comments at 85%. Sponsored articles are separated from others by "Sponsored" phrase which is added before the news.

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Contact us

If you are ready to advertising, you can contact us through the contact section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.