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Bitcoin price predition 2019: will rise to $10,000

26.06.2018 11:58:04 tarihinde yazıldı.

News from chainfor about : Bitcoin price predition 2019. Analysts predict Bitcoin price will rise back to more than US$10,000 by 2019. Todd Gordon, founder of, predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will fall to $4,000 before the June 22 CNBC stock draft rebounded to $10,000 in 2019.

Gordon suggested that BTC would fall below $5,000 and then reach $10,000 by the end of the year, citing the fact that the market's volatility is the main reason. When asked to explain his estimates, Gordon cited a “beautiful upward trend” and stated that BTC prices have risen since 2015 and that recent adjustments have been lowered from “not relevant” at $19,000.

Last month, Wall Street analyst Spencer Bogart said that by the end of the year, the major cryptocurrencies will "at least" exceed $10,000. He believes that the reality of deeper institutionalization of the encrypted space is to ensure long-term "story" and that it is "total positive" for the future of Bitcoin.

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RE : Konu Başlığı

26.06.2018 11:59:26 tarihinde yazıldı.

bitcoin dibi gördüğüne göre artık yükseliş başlayacak tam alma zamanı

Bu başlığa yanıt yazabilmek için lütfen giriş yap veya kayıt ol.