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This ransomware is decryptable! CryptON

23.07.2018 18:04:44 tarihinde yazıldı.


I have a question. Which might sound extremely ridiculous as a question, but common sense is telling me that the person who came up with this was either not in their right state of mind or simply didn't think it through properly. I am infected with a ransomware that gives me Which according to ID Ransomware it is decryptable. The file is identified as CryptON So I am directed to EmiSoft decrypter tool.  When I run the decrypter tool the tool tells me to put the INFECTED file and the NON INFECTED file.  Am I the only one who finds this the most ridiculous way of decrypting the file? If I have the original file, why in the world would I care about the encrypted one? Common sense would suggest that if someone has their file encrypted, and they are looking to decrypt the file, it's because they do not have the original file. If someone had the original file they wouldn't care about the decrypted file?

Please help.

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